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rules of this world

1. players are not a loud to kill other players.

2.God like powers like immortality, complete mind control are not aloud, each player must have at lest one weakness.

3. Using other peoples work with out the permission of the owner or the admins is not aloud.

4.players with shape sifting powers are not aloud to take the form of other players.

Other then these four rules you can do what ever you want go wild!

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This story I'm about to tell you is about a world turned on its head. ..........
Five years ago a group of researchers and scientists working on a project with an object called the dream stone. The dream stone was the stone that held a powerful energy with in it. When they where testing it and it started out well people where happy get a new power sores but during the last tests somthing went wrong. The stone shaddered and the energy was release and coved the world. The energy didn't just change the planet  but more then half inhabitants as well. It gave us powers making us the first of the Awakened. They are The Dreamers, The Guardians and The Forgotten but that is not all some of the remaining energy changed in to monsters we call them Nightmares........

That is why the Night Guard was formed to hunt the hostile nightmares that feed off the minds of humans.  

The 3 types Awakened

The Dreamers are people and animals that gaind powers. They often have aspects of both The Guardians and  The Forgotten. They do there best to try to live their life to the fullest.

The Guardians are people and animals who have gotten full control over there powers by using an item to focus there power threw it. They do there best to help people or themselves.

The Forgotten are ghostly doubles or alternate personalities of people and animals how would  not accept there powers. They are often seen as being  mad.

Other types of hunters

The Gear fighters are people that don't have any powers and they don't like those how do have powers. they us weapon powered by that of shards of the dream stone in order to fight the nightmares on equal ground.

The Monsters

The Nightmares are monsters that where born of the energy of dream stone and hunt after those how have powers.


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The Black Book:
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